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I pray you and your baby are okay. I am glad you a pressing charges. I remember when I was in high school and a few friends and I saw a student harassing a teacher. Let just say they never did it again. I loved my teachers and knew even back then that teaching was a tough job. Kudos to you for being a teacher. Make sure you press charges. No matter the outcome for that student, being held responsible for her actions will teach her a lesson. Allowing her to escape the consequences only reinforces the negative behaviors. She may not learn anything about Algebra, but there’s an opportunity to teach this student a valuable life lesson about being accountable for her actions. You, as a person or teacher do not have to accept this kind of treatment.

Posted by Jack Read more 17.01.

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I hope your baby is ok… this makes me so sad that the teen did something like that. We assume babies are safest with us until people do something as abhorrent as that. It makes me sick. Hoping to hear an update about you and the baby. Fake af or you don't care at all if you lose your baby. Any sort of trauma during pregnancy you go straight to the hospital. I went multiple times and was not insured and live in the US. No mother to be cared more about financial than they do about their baby. The medical costs here are shit but if you can't afford it, hospitals write it off all the time or even settle for a much lower percent. Plus... it happened it happened at work. Workman's comp.

Posted by Jack 17.01.

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